BONUS: Another Link in the Spice Chain

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Episode 26: Reasons NOT to do The Thing! (Maybe Marriage Isn’t for You?)

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“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single person, in possession of whatever amount of fortune, doesn’t NECESSARILY want to get hitched. ”

-Jane Austen, or something.


PS. Thank you so much for listening to our lil podcast about how wedding planning can sometimes suck real hard! We’re taking a brief hiatus (Liz is married now!), but we’ll be back soon. Keep an ear to the ground for more Spice Chain updates, and follow us on instagram (@MWIC_Podcast) for some nice photos from the wedding! SEE YOU, SPACE COWPEOPLE!

Episode 25: Doin’ The Thing! Ceremonies!

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The wedding’s just around the corner, so Liz and Teagan talk the ins and outs of how to actually do the wedding bit of being wed! But in the meantime, they also talk the commodification of self-care, making your dog an officiant, and the benefits of being a Dudas Priest.

Episode 23: The B-Word

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This week, we talk the B-word. That’s right. The B-word, the dreaded word that brides get called when they’re just tryin’ to do their best in a patriarchy-trap. You guessed it, that word is BUTTHOLE.

JK, JK, it’s Bridezilla. But maybe we should call people being buttholes for their wedding buttholes instead of a sexist term used to keep women from asking for too much for themselves? I DUNNO, I’M NOT THE FUN POLICE.

Here’s a picture of a podcat, full of ennui!